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"There are more roads than roadblocks" -Helen (Sweet Magnolias)

Do you love this quote as much as I do?!

So stinking good!

Seeing the “different roads” aka different options is not only freeing but empowering!

Here are a few tips that might help you find different roads to a roadblock you are currently facing…

-write it all out

-step into curiosity by asking really good questions..

•what am I not seeing?

•what would ___ do in this situation? (You can go extreme here by inserting Jesus, Oprah, or some other person that you view has it all figured out)

•If I was giving someone advice on this what would it be?

•what am I willing to try?

•what am I not willing to try and why? (Do I like my reasons?)

-take action right away!

-Be willing to try more than one thing and realize nothing has gone wrong.


Discovering different roads, not feeling stuck, starting to see results is just one benefit of coaching with me. There are many. Reach out if you're if you're done being, stuck. I'd love to help!

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