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Heidi Shew 

LDS Life Coach for women 

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Heidi Shew 

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My name is Heidi. I’m no scriptorian by any means. I’m just like you. I am here because I have a self proclaimed mission to help as many women as I can come closer to Christ. My membership everyday closer was designed just for that. In there you will find classes where you can interact and we can learn from each other. You’ll get workshops to help you find what’s holding you back from the relationship you want to have with yourself, God, your family and life in general and see incredible results. You’ll have access to join a  weekly coaching call where I help you anywhere you are stuck. My whole heart is going into this membership and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.


Certified Life Coach 

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I knew something was lacking in my life and I didn't know how to find it or how to cope with the struggles I was having. I decided to try reaching out to someone who could help. It was great to talk to Heidi. There's something very therapeutic about vocalizing thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Heidi did a great job asking questions that were thought provoking and helped me work through mental blocks.

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