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Do you love this quote as much as I do?!

So stinking good!

Seeing the “different roads” aka different options is not only freeing but empowering!

Here are a few tips that might help you find different roads to a roadblock you are currently facing…

-write it all out

-step into curiosity by asking really good questions..

•what am I not seeing?

•what would ___ do in this situation? (You can go extreme here by inserting Jesus, Oprah, or some other person that you view has it all figured out)

•If I was giving someone advice on this what would it be?

•what am I willing to try?

•what am I not willing to try and why? (Do I like my reasons?)

-take action right away!

-Be willing to try more than one thing and realize nothing has gone wrong.


Discovering different roads, not feeling stuck, starting to see results is just one benefit of coaching with me. There are many. Reach out if you're if you're done being, stuck. I'd love to help!

We all have limiting beliefs that keep us stuck and keep us overwhelmed and that metaphorically that keep us hitting our heads against the wall.

Our desires are pulling us one way meanwhile our minds are telling us it’s just not possible. And we’re believing our mind.

But that’s a choice. And just as easily as you’ve trained your brain to believe that you can’t achieve something, you can’t make something work, you can’t teach your child this thing, you can’t become that person. With time and practice you can also teach your mind that you can!

Then you start getting curious of all that’s possible for you.

One of my favorite things that I teach my clients is to question every thought that their brain offers them. We have about 60,000 thoughts a day. I teach my clients tools tweak thoughts where it’s believable and helps launch them towards the goal they are working towards, the life they are wanting to live, how they want to feel and who they want to become.

This is life changing my friends! I promise it is possible for you!

If you're ready to not only discover your limiting beliefs but learn how to overcome them so you can start shining in your own life. Go to my contact page and reach out! Let's schedule a call.

Whether today you are surrounded by loved ones or by yourself I hope you take a minute to feel the love of your Savior.

He loves you so much that he took on every pain, heartache and sickness you would experience in this life.

So if today is hard he gets it.

If it’s hard to feel love when you look in the mirror he gets it.

If you’re missing a loved one he gets it.

He gets it.

You are not alone and you are so loved!

Every single client I have worked with has struggled with self love to some degree. Feeling not pretty enough, smart enough, worthy enough, talented enough.

I love nothing more than to help them change this narrative and I want to do the same for you.

So on this day of love.. lol

Can I challenge to do something? :)

Make a list of what you love about you. Qualities you admire in yourself, attributes that you’re grateful for. Maybe just giving yourself credit for the things you accomplished today. You get to decide. :)

Our inner critics are too loud! The best way to silence that voice is to gather evidence proving the opposite.

You may not be your smallest, your most successful, your kindest, most put together self. But I PROMISE you there is someone out there that would change you places in a heartbeat! Really think about that for a minute. Think of someone you’d love to change places with in one or more areas of their life. You are that person for so many people!

Strive to see yourself as your biggest fan would! Strive to see yourself as God sees you!

Happy Valentines Day friend! ❤️

I’m so grateful for the progress I have made in loving myself so I can better love these incredible humans and feel their love in return! I’m truly so blessed and it's possible for you too!

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